Two centuries of tradition

Kartago Dates is the inheritor of an ancestral tradition left to it by generation in the Horchani family who has grown several varieties of thousand-year-old dates for more than two centuries.

It is a familly-owned and managed company which has been founded upon the establishment of the largest plantation of date palms in the Tunisian Sahara, located in the valley of Saba Abar, in the heart of Djerid Oasis.

Kartago dates are absolutely unique in terms of appearance, taste smell and quality, which ranks them, today, as the best in the world.

The Djerid Oasis

The Djerid in southern Tunisia with its many oases over the breath-taking rugged landscape, is one of the oldest inhabited regions in the low Sahara. A field of beautiful palm groves which owes the reputation of their health to the green oasis, spread out along Chott-el-Jerid. Their existence is linked to the spread of springs whose water allowed the expansion of irrigation in Tozeur, Nefta, Hammamet and the production of high-quality dates.

Annual Production Capacities

The Horchani family, as one of the largest growers of dates in the world, exports every year over 26.5M pounds of sweet and pleasantly aromatic dates to more than 50 countries in all five continents.

As a company, Kartago’s reputation relies primarily on the ultra modern equipment of its industrial processing facilities and its high quality standards. All the facilities are certified BRC, ISF, ISO, Global Gap, Social Smeta, Kosher and Organic.